Vomito Negro from Belgium

Vomito Negro formed in 1983 taking their name from Latin, meaning "black vomit" which is the last stage of the disease, yellow fever. Their music has always had very environmental-conscious undertones to it (Guy Van Miegham is a member of Greenpeace). After the release of Wake Up, Guy was involved in a very bad car wreck where he broke his left arm, had 8 open fractures, and completely shattered one of his wrists. For this reason, Vomito Negro will probably never perform live again, and it was thought for years that they would never release another album. However, they appeared on a couple of compilations after that point, and then signed with Triton Records to release Fireball in 2002, which turned out to be quite a departure from their signature cold EBM sound having more of a trancey ambient feel to it.

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