Skinny Puppy from Canada

Canadian band with members cEvin Key (keyboards, percussion) and Nivek Ogre (vocals), founded in late 1982 in Vancouver, BC. They got a contract at Nettwerk via the demotape "Back And Forth" and released their first EP "Remission" in 1984. Their records were released in Europe by Play It Again Sam. They released their first LP "Bites" in 1985, now with member Wilhelm Schroeder (better known as [a=Bill Leeb]) on keyboards. In 1986, Schroeder was replaced on keyboards by Dwayne Goettel (then in the group [a=Psyche (2)]). Over a career spanning 20+ years and as many releases, Skinny Puppy has remained fresh and vital to its many fans, and is considered as one of the most important bands in the industrial/gothic/ebm genre, inspiring such acts as [a=Nine Inch Nails] and [a=Marilyn Manson]. Skinny Puppy disbanded for a time, following the death of Dwayne R. Goettel by overdose in August 1995. Their final album "The Process" was completed and released in early 1996, and quickly became a bridge that earned the band many new fans. After a 5 year absence, they reformed in 2000 for a one-off concert appearance at the Doomsday festival in Dresden, Germany (which has since been released as Back And Forth, Vol. 5 in 2001). The first studio album since their reformation "The Greater Wrong Of The Right" was released after years of anticipation in 2004. They embarked on a worldwide tour in support, and a DVD has been released documenting the North American leg. 2007 saw the release of "Mythmaker", and in 2011 the band released its final album with label SPV, "hanDover". They signed with Metropolis Records in 2012, and released the live album "Bootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas". The band releases their 12th studio album "Weapon" on May 28, 2013.