Neuroactive is one of the most successful Finnish technopop bands on the international scene. Neuroactive was formed in 1991 by Jarkko Tuohimaa, Vesa Rainne and Ville Brusi. Neuroactive had their first record deal with Cyberware Productions in 1994 which lead to their first release "Morphology" within the same year.The first album was mainly influenced by electro and industrial techno and most of the tracks were taken from old demos which were made during the band's early days. In 1995 Neuroactive released the EP "Neuron". It got very positive feedback from European press and audience. 1991 - 1997: Vesa Rainne - vocals, lyrics Ville Brusi - live percussions, lyrics Jarkko Tuohimaa - programming, composing 1998 - 2000: Kimmo Karjalainen - vocals, lyrics Jarkko Tuohimaa - programming, composing 2000 - Jarkko Tuohimaa - programming, composing

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