Hocico from Distrito Federal, Mexico

The Mexican group [b]Hocico[/b] was officially formed in 1993 by Erk Aicrag (lyrics & vocals) and Racso Agroyam (synthesizer, programming). The names are ananyms of the real names Erik Garcia and Oscar Mayorga. Both cousins had been experimenting with electronic music, mixing Industrial and EBM, since they were fifteen years old and formed a band in 1992 called [b]Hocico de Perro[/b]. The first live gig of [b]Hocico[/b] was on February 18, 1994. Their music can be described as dark and aggressive electronica. Their lyrics are mostly English although some songs are in Spanish. The Spanish word hocico means snout and is a derogatory term that indicates ugliness (i.e., ugly as a dog's snout).

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